The New and Improved Poltergust 5000!

Today I will be talking about the game Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon on the Nintendo 3DS. The Dark Moon that hovers over Evershade Valley gives the ghosts a calming effect the reside there. For that reason, Professor E. Gadd has been studding the ghosts that are in that area. But when the evil King Boo breaks apart Moon and falls to the valley below, the friendly ghosts are now hostile, trapping the Professor in his bunker.

Luigi,watching TV, gets a big surprise when E. Gadd suddenly shows up on his TV screen and tells him what just happened. Then E. Gadd drags Luigi to the Evershade Valley! After a little persuasion, Luigi agrees to help him on his quest to find the Dark Moon pieces and restore it to its rightful place in the sky and return the ghosts to their non-hostile moods.

I have yet to get the game to see what the whole game-play is. But, I know what game I want to get! The game looks pretty great to play! I mean like after hitting 3 stars on all the Grand Prix, in Mario Kart 7. Also I may have made another Mii on my 3DS to express my feelings toward my final 3 Star victory on the Grand Prix. I wanna find a new game to test and play. So Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is my next target!


Robot Unicorn Attack 2?!?

Yesterday I see a lot of people play a new game for Adult Swim. The game, is Robot Unicorn Attack 2! Yes the game came out not too long ago. It came out April 25 this year.  The game is a must have! I have the iPod Touch 4GN so its laggy time-to-time but its only at the beginning of each “wish” they call it.

There are a lot more features that the first game. They are listed below:

– Choose between Team Rainbow or Team Inferno and compete on a unique level every day for prizes
– Race through 2 worlds at war, one of Rainbows and Harmony and one of Ice and Wonder
– Build and customize your very own unicorn, selecting from different bodies, manes, wings, horns, trails and more
– Unlock and arm yourself with 12 different boost abilities, including “Rainbow Savior” and “Gallow’s Gallop”
– Achieve both personal and community goals, updated daily
– Battle mighty giants and dash through their dangerous Solar Beams
– Journey through such cosmic spectacles as Space Whales, Leviathan Seahorses, Ice Owls and more
– Both worlds change to new and different layouts every single day
– Personalize your quest (and support the artists) by purchasing new background songs for $.99 apiece, including Erasure’s “Always”
– Game Center Achievements & Leaderboards
– Oh, also? You can fly now. Yeah. Yeah, man.

My favorite part of the game is you can change the background songs and the choosing between the teams: Rainbow and Inferno. Also I got a secret to tell you about the teams, you can change teams you are in.  I don’t what will happen but, I think you will be called a traitor from your old team.

Also today the 50 Billionth app on Apple App Stores! (insert cheering here) Also they are giving $10k US dollars to the person who does that, and if you are the 2-50th person after that you get $500 US dollars! I am not telling you to do that right now. And there are 2 ways to do it. Download the 50 billionth app-50,000,050th app. or fill out a contest form on the LINK shown.

Mining ’till Bedrock

Build great structures, mine diamonds, enchant weapons, farm ’till your hearts content, go to The Nether (Hell), amd The End. There are vast ways to play the game, and there are only three modes to play from: Creative, Survival, and Hardcore. Creative as unlimited blocks, heath, and you can FLY! Survival is a way to make a base, have health, have hunger, fight off Creepers, Zombies, and Skeletons, and strike rich in DIAMONDS!! And Hardcore has all of the Survival’s stuff but it’s set to maximum difficulty, when you die your world is deleted FOREVER!!! (insert evil laughter here). I never go and play on Hardcore. The current version of Minecraft is Minecraft 1.5.1, and a new Mincraft 1.6 major update. I call and update a major update by lots of new content in a game and the version goes +.1 in the update. For example, an old version is 2.4.5 and the new update is 2.6. I have herd that horses and leashes are in the new update.

I have played a mod that’s named Pixelmon Mod. The game is makes all the mobs turn into POKEMON!

Now I see people talk about Minecraft Pocket Edition and say it’s a waste of money. Sadly I do agree to them. But the PC/MAC Full Version – as in FULL VERSION – is actually the same and more. It has major updates, mods that can be downloaded to enhance your mining skills.

And I see in the GameStop that I go to, has X-Box 360 cards to download over via Wi-Fi Connections. I not yet played that type of platform of Minecraft ever. I’ve herd it’s better than the Pocket Edition, by far.

Lucky 7!

Now on to the karting action of Mario Kart 7! This game has been here for more than a year but the game is still popular to play.  The new features you have on the game is pretty impressive. You have the original controls (the circle pad) and the tilt features that looks like your actually driving the kart (hit the up on the control pad wile driving/playing). Also there is another control too, its the tricks (hit the R Button while in mid-air) you can do like in Mario Kart Wii. The rest of the controls of the game is like the game in Mario Kart DS.

There are 3 new items in this game, there is Fire Flowers, Super Leaf, and the Lucky 7! The links will give a full explanation about the items. Also there is a new feature in the game too. You can customize the karts and unlock kart parts with the total coins you collect while racing. Per race you can only carry 10 coins, but the extra ones will be kept until after finishing  modes in the Grand Prix course, VS. course and after a Battle Arena battle. There is a catch to this all and you won’t like it. The VS. has only went to Multiplayer not to single player.

4 new racers are in the game as well! The players are: Metal Mario, LakituHoney Queen, and Wiggler. Metal Mario is heaver than the original Mario but the wreaks havoc on the road. Lakitu usually busy fishing out fallen racers in the kart races, he  has finally decided to show off his driving skills. Honey Queen (or as Honey Bee Queen from the Super Mario Galaxy games) is large and in charge on the road. And finally Wiggler is a big, yellow, and wiggly, this creature worms his way around the track. The description is from the Mario Kart 7 website.

When I got this game in the 3DS system, I was so pumped! Then the game didn’t have the VS. choice on the single player games. I got really disappointed, then I realized the coins you obtain in the game unlocks kart parts to customize your kart. And having the race set at infinity means to have to get lots of coins in a few races.

Sonic Dash!

The Trailer is right here! →Trailer

A new Sonic The Hedgehog app just went free on the app store. The name is Sonic Dash. The game can be downloaded on the iPod Touch 4th GEN or newer, iPhone 4th GEN or newer, iPad, and must have iOS5 or better to run. In the beginning you only have Sonic but, you can chose from Amy, Tails, and Knuckles for trading in Red Star Rings later in the game.

The game is very addicting to play and really exciting to get. The game went FREE because of the thousands of people purchasing the game. The game is glitchy in the 4th GEN iPod Touches and SEGA is fixing that ASAP. They just made the 1.1.2 update March 4th or the night before. The updates are:

✔ Win bigger and better rewards in the Sonic Dash Daily Challenge
✔ Fix for a rare issue that could delete game progress when playing the Daily Challenge
✔ Download other great SEGA titles in the ‘More Games’ browser
✔ Improved load times on some devices
✔ Improved performance on iPod Touch 4th Gen and iPhone 4
✔ Better Game Center integration

Mostly I play it when I don’t have the Wi-Fi on my iPod Touch, and all the sounds are off so the game isn’t so glitchy. W/O the glitches, like I said before it’s addicting to play.

Pokemon Sixth Generation

pokemon-xy-starters These three cute Pokemon are the new starters for the all new Pokemon X and Pokemon Y games. From left to right, the names and types are:  Chespin (grass), Frennekin (fire), and Froakie (water). I will probably chose Frennekin or Froakie because, well they look adorable and Chespin looks wierd. I mostly chose Fire or Water, because the water may have a secondary type thats cool, or the fire type all the way.


Ok, on to the Legendary Pokemon! So far there are 2 confirmed legendary-looking Pokemon. From the left is Xernaes (ZURR-nee-us) and on the right is Yveltal (ee-VELL-tal). You can tell which one is in which game. To me I want Xernaes because, people go for the dragon looking Pokemon or the strongest ones. No. I go for the that either coolest one or the one I yet don’t have.


Finally the last, and my favorite, is a NEW EEVEELUTION! The Pokemon’s name is Sylveon. Not much is known about this Pokemon but to me I think the type is ???, and it evolves after it learns Curse at LV 20. I think the Pokemon creators should of made a new one in the B&W games, because Eevee should have all the types and evolve in different ways. Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon evolve by stone. Espeon and Umbreon evolve by friendship, time, and at LV. 20. The last two Glaceon and Leafeon evolve at a location.

 Its predicted to have 100 brand new Pokemon and some other Pokemon from the other regions. So far there are six confirmed, which I just told you about. Little is known about this game except the platform and the 3D effects the games have. This game will only be on the 3DS systems. The release date is in October 2013 (worldwide!)

In Pokemon News…

The legendary Pokemon, Meloetta now for Pokemon Black, White, Black 2 and White 2. This event cannot be obtained threw via Wi-Fi Connections. This can only be obtained from Interred Connections at a GameStop store, for a limited time only! The event goes on 3/4-3/24, in the US. The ID number is 03013, and the ID of the OT (original trainer) is SPR2013. The LV is 50, and its moves are Round, Teeter Dance, Psychic, and Close Combat. Its type is a Normal-Psychic (The first ever Normal legendary). Its ability is Serene Grace. (Serene Grace will double the chance of a move having an additional effect, It does not, however, improve the chance of item effects.)

In other news, an Limited Edition Pikachu Yellow Nintendo 3DS XL will be in GameStop stores in March 24.Pikachu3DS